Water quality products- A Summary

Water quality products- A Summary

Usually when people ask about a water treatment system, they’re referring to a water filtration or water purification product. In this article I’m going to give you some tips and information so you can select the best water treatment product for you or your family. When it comes to a water treatment system, there are many products to choose from and in all kinds of price ranges. We are going to start with the smallest type of water treatment system and work up to the largest in our quest for the best water treatment product.Our website provides info on water quality products.

Bottled Water:

Bottled Water is the most basic, smallest and really the most expensive water treatment system. On a per gallon basis, bottled water is more expensive than gas! One thing many people do not know about bottled water is THERE ARE NO GOVERNMENT Rules or regulations that say bottled water has to be any safer more pure or better than ordinary tap water! With a per gallon price more expensive than gasoline for just the perception of higher quality, why buy it? The fact is the quality of bottled water is at best an unknown!

Complete Countertop Filtration Systems:

This water treatment system sits on your kitchen countertop and connects to your kitchen faucet. It is easily installed without the services of a plumber. It can range in price from $99-$175. Expensive is not always better when it comes to selecting the best water treatment product. If you buy direct from the manufacturer you can buy at the low end of the price range. A counter top filter is a good choice if you just want to drink and cook in safe pure, healthy water.

Under Counter System Filtration systems:

Basically the same as the countertop filtration systems except they’re installed under your sink. Installation is fairly easy for most people. Its advantage over the countertop model is that it is out of sight, leaving you more room. The price range is $143-$250. A reputable company will usually give you a few replacement filter cartridges.

Chlorine Shower Head Filter:

A chlorine shower head filter is placed on your shower to filter out harmful chlorine which has been associated with certain cancers. When you use one you feel like you are showering in spring water. They are very easy to install and cost of $67-$104. Combine one or two of them along with one of the filters mentioned above and you’ve got a good water treatment system.

Reverse Osmosis:

Reverse Osmosis is a very expensive water treatment system to purchase at a cost of $3500 or more, and very expensive to maintain. The results have proven to be not what you’d expect for such an expensive water treatment system. It also wastes a great deal of water adding to your water costs, and it still requires an additional filter. Many promoters tout its benefits because it’s a big money maker for them. Definitely not the best water treatment system in many experts’ opinions.

Whole House Water Filter:

This is probably the best water treatment system for most home owners. Price ranges from around $999 (if you buy manufacturer direct) plus the cost of installation by a licensed plumber, to upwards of $1500. You will also need a replacement filter or cartridge about every three years at a cost of about $650. While this may seem pricey, it is way less per gallon than bottled water, and safer!

If you buy manufacturer direct you can have your own bottled water for about 9 cents per gallon. Figure on a cost of about 50 cents per day when all is said and done. In addition to having the safest possible water to drink and cook with, you will also notice softer skin and hair in just a few days by showering and bathing in filtered water. You will sleep well at night knowing you are protected from the harmful effects of drinking and bathing in chlorine. As a side note more harmful chlorine is actually absorbed into your pores from a bath or shower than from drinking it! A whole house water filter in most expert opinions is the best water treatment product.