The Secret to Economical Concrete Resurfacing

A possible alternative to installing concrete ones.

There were only two choices until now when it came to fixing surfaced damaged concrete-totally rebuilding, which can be both costly and uncomfortable, or using patching compounds that make the surface blotchy and uneven. But their is a cost-effective, concrete solution covering.Learn more at Newark Concrete Floor Resurfacing

Cost Efficient & flexible resurfacing concrete driveway

On a fraction of the total replacement cost. There’s now a cost-effective way to patch concrete indoors or out. A robust new wear surface with resurfaces of a Portland cement type, natural, spalled or damaged surfaces such as:

— Drives

— Sidelines

— The patio and pool decks

— Foundations in garage

— Underfloors

— Built-in partitions

Economical ornamental surfaces

Concrete dressing based on cement at Portland can be:

— Absolutely colourful

— Textured textures

— Changed

— Colored with a pigmented concrete sealant (32 colours available).

To transform ordinary into a dramatic, eye-catching surface , making it a fantastic alternative to replacement. Concrete dressing is ideal to enhance outdoor or indoor living spaces and apartment complexes, as well as business settings such as hotels, office parks, restaurants , retail outlets and more.

Sustainable & environmentally safe

Due to the specific formulation of concrete dressings, surface preparation involving acid etching or solvents is not needed. And when it comes to durability, the dressing offers a compressive strength of 4,000 psi and a flexural strength of 1,000 psi, making it an excellent option for resurfacing concrete driveways and for installations in colder climates where freeze-thaw cycles are a problem.

Quick & Practical

And when it comes to convenience-there is nothing like it. Indeed concrete resurfaced with concrete dressing can welcome foot traffic in 2 hours, vehicle traffic in 6-8 hours and can be sealed the same day!

Help old concrete come back to life

Concrete driveway resurfacing? The answer, concrete dressing, will give you a new, exciting look for your old, deteriorated or spalled surfaces. It should be considered the most economical decorative concrete solution.

— Reparing the driveway

— Fix wall

— Repair pool

— Fix sidewalks

— Step by step repair

— Fix block

— Fixing Cement Crack

— Repair of splintered surfaces

Concrete Sealer and concrete dressings provide other advantages beyond cost savings and labour savings. A pigmented concrete sealer can provide decorative colour design choices. The surface is simple to clean-a major advantage for homeowners with indoor pets or allergy issues.

Paul Spurlock is regarded as a flooring industry specialist with 34 years of experience as a commercial flooring contractor. Installations include hospitals, high schools, retail stores, judicial centres, medical facilities and high-end luxury condos, with Ardex Engineered Cements and Specialized Concrete goods offering factory instruction.