The Importance Of White Roofs

The installation of a white roof membrane or white coating for your commercial building has many advantages, but first, let’s take a step back and discuss how a white roof works. The meaning is very plain. Almost half of the energy is transferred to light as sunlight shines down into the atmosphere and this light is what reaches our rooftops. With a typical dark-colored roof, the sunlight converts directly to heat, causing the building’s internal and external temperatures to rise. By reflecting the sunlight back and not absorbing it as heat, white roofs diminish this heating effect. Our website provides info about in Indianapolis.

Two properties measure a white or cool roof: reflectance (the roof material’s ability to reflect light energy away from the roof) and thermal emittance (ability of the roof material to deflect absorbed heat). Ideally, in both, you want your roof to be tall. In order to maintain a high SRI, you also want your roof (Solar Reflectance Index). An SRI rating of 30 percent or greater for sloped roofs and 70 percent or higher for flat roofs is recommended by the Heat Island Group. To accomplish this, reflective roofing and energy efficient roofing support.

So, how can white roofing save you money and affect the world positively? It will reduce your energy costs, use less non-renewable sources (i.e. coal and natural gas) and reduce your carbon footprint by installing energy-efficient roofing such as a white roof or white roof coating. White, or cold, roofs will qualify you for green rebates and tax cuts in some states. So, by going white, save orange! For many years to come, mount your white roof today and save money.