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For safety, health and financial reasons, since you are going to live there and get to keep it, this is your chance to learn everything about your new castle. If you don’t want the inspector to observe you, move on to the next inspector that you want to interview. This is primarily for multi-inspector companies, but Ian Mayer of Woodland Hills, CA’s IM Home Inspections alerts to watch out for the bait-and-switch. The owner of the company may have really good certifications, but to do your inspection, he sends out the guy who was just certified last week.I strongly suggest you to visit Summerlin Home Inspectors to learn more about this.

A home inspection is, by definition, a momentary snapshot. On the day of the inspection, it shows the condition of the house. In order to predict the future of a house, none of us have a crystal ball, and sometimes sellers will deliberately hide known defects. Some home inspectors offer various warranties and guarantees with their inspection. To ensure that you understand what you are getting and what the limitations are, make sure you read the fine print on anything offered. Frank Rote of San Diego’s Certified Inspection Services, LLC points out that there are actually many repairs under the deductible, so the buyer always ends up paying for the repair. It really depends on how much confidence you place in your agent. Some agents want you to use an inspector who performs a quick inspection and writes essentially nothing in the reports to make the transaction quick and easy to go through. More professional agents want you to have the best possible inspection, when they make referrals, after all it is their reputation on the line. If you are unsure about whether or not you should let the agent choose the home inspector for you, then look for your own. Don’t choose the cheapest inspector – when I make that statement, please believe me. I get calls on a daily basis from potential clients.


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