Spring cleaning: Clear your house and your nasal passages

Springtime is traditionally when people think about Spring cleaning. It signifies a fresh start. Time to get rid of the old winter blues, clean out the dust and crud that built up over the winter, and air things out a bit. While many people go through this ritual with their house, some may need to do that same thing with their life. Click more info here.

One basic tip to make Spring cleaning less daunting is to start with the smallest room first. If your smallest room is still too big, tackle a closet to start. The same goes with your life cleanup. Sometimes things get so out of control that you can’t possibly see the end of the tunnel. Worse than that, you may not even know where to start.
Here are a few simple tips:

Segment your life. If you tried to clean your whole house at once instead of taking it room by room, the task could be overwhelming causing you to never start or stop part-way through. So why not use the same logic with your life? Start by breaking it down into the biggest pieces (i.e. work, home, social, etc.). If those are too big, segment them as well into smaller pieces.

Ask for directions. You know the saying? “You can’t see the forest through the trees.” Sometimes when we are knee-deep, it’s hard to be objective or see clearly. That’s when you need to ask for directions or a little help. This does not mean you need to pay a fortune to an “expert.” Sometimes a trusted friend or family member has the same advice. The difference is, many times people are not willing to listen to those who are close to them. Be open-minded. A simple direction may be all it takes to spruce up your life.

Be willing to let go. When you Spring clean your house, sometimes the right thing to do is donate your unwanted or unnecessary items to a good cause. The same goes for your life. It’s unproductive to hang onto things that are holding you back from whatever you want to accomplish. If you have a hard time letting go, refer to Item #2. Find the right support person and let them know you need help weeding through old baggage.

Timing is key. Spring cleaning happens in the Spring for good reasons. It wouldn’t make sense to do it during a cold winter and waiting until the hot summer would be miserable. Part of Spring cleaning means opening up the windows, airing out the stink, and bringing in the fresh, clean air. Do the same with your life and don’t wait until summer when fun and sun takes over. And definitely don’t wait until next winter when you’re thinking of cozying up again.

Maintain the structure. Cleaning out the dust bunnies, washing down walls, donating unwanted items isn’t enough if the structure is falling apart. If you only clean up your surface but forget about doing what keeps you sane, healthy and happy, then all the cleaning in the world won’t make a difference. When you are happy with yourself, it seems the rest falls into place that much easier.
Spring cleaning isn’t necessarily fun or something we look forward to doing but once it’s done and everything feels new and clean again, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish… in your house or for yourself.