Landscape Lighting Systems

Landscape Lighting or backyard lighting is a broad term which encompasses a large variety of methods of illuminating the landscape. Outdoor illumination refers to the installation and use of outdoor lighting for the purpose of security, aesthetics, access, safety, recreation, and other social and event-related uses. Outdoor lighting is often installed in both residential and commercial settings to provide additional illumination for outdoor events such as parties, weddings, outdoor concerts, and various sporting activities. Achieving this purpose in a variety of ways is the goal of a landscape lighting design. Some lighting styles are used to accent certain features such as a sidewalk, a garden’s borders, a tree or other architectural feature, or an object that can’t be seen from a distance. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Premier Outdoor Lighting of New Jersey-Landscape Lighting.

The most popular type of lighting for a garden is the low-voltage lighting system. These lighting fixtures are relatively simple in design and installation and are made up of a few basic components: a bulb, a socket, a wire and mounting brackets. The bulbs themselves can be placed on top of trees and plants which are chosen in order to provide the desired amount of illumination and to avoid shadows which may be cast by nearby trees or objects. Depending on the overall size of the area to be illuminated, a variety of fixture sizes can be used. As opposed to using a traditional ceiling fixture, a garden-lighting system can be mounted high up on a structure or hung from a rope on a wall.

Landscape lighting systems are also installed and operated from a remote control unit. The most popular types of remote-controlled systems are the tabletop models which are mounted on a table top and designed to place the light anywhere in the room. The other option is to mount the lighting units on a pole or roof which allows the user to adjust the direction of the light from a distance.