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The economic harm that COVID-19 has already caused, as well as the looming possibility of complete destruction, has been a constant source of worry in our minds. Negative growth rates are predicted in the majority of countries around the world, according to numerous projections. Negative rates, on the other hand, may be reversed once the recovery process begins. However, recovery will only be possible once the killer virus has left us or has been fully monitored. Coronavirus is expected to go away by September 2020, but it is also likely that it will resurface during the winter, this time more virulent. We must not allow frightening thoughts to cause us to become pessimistic; we must remain optimistic and hope for the best.Learn more by visiting  Partida Corona Medical Center

Following months of strict isolation, my brother is now suffering from psychiatric depression, as are I’m sure several others. And, of course, the sadness that comes with losing family and friends to the virus. Thousands of people have seen this in this country and around the world.

In the early stages, the number of people dying in nursing homes was staggering; ideally, lessons have been learned in case there is a second wave this winter. Families will be broken apart as members of the family succumb to the infection, and children will lose parents and grandparents.

Of course, the virus’s other source of depression is the resulting financial chaos. The loss of employment, and therefore the income they would have given, as well as the fear and uncertainty that they would have brought. Despite the government’s financial assistance, many people have slipped through the cracks and are not eligible for the numerous programmes. Homelessness will inevitably increase as a result of this.

These aren’t just numbers; they’re real people who have worked hard their entire lives to support their families. Some will have created successful businesses and will be struggling to maintain them. Many people who can no longer bear the tension would commit suicide as a result of their pain. On a global scale, the financial crisis that might result is unimaginable.