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If you are considering an upgrade to your home security system then you will want to consider a monitored alarms system. With a monitored alarm system you can have a central control unit, an alarm board, and a large number of customizable device choices. You can even have as many security cameras as you would like. You can add a number of motion detectors, touch pads, and you can even choose from a variety of devices such as a glass breaking detector, a high-tech camera, or multiple other surveillance cameras. When choosing an alarm system, you will need to take these different factors into consideration to make sure that you are getting the most protection for your money. Visit Alarms System-Benn Lock and Safe Ltd.

There are three main types of monitored alarms systems. Boxed systems use a centrally located box that is protected by one or more high quality deadbolts. This type of system allows you to add extra security by keeping all of your doors and/or windows protected by the same locks. There are many advantages to having a locked box protection system; an unlocked box will not only allow potential intruders to gain access to your home but will also make it very difficult for you to gain access to your property should you be out of town for an extended period of time.

Keyless entry systems allow you to disarm your door or window without using a key; they use a non-intrusive proximity sensor that automatically detects any movement in your vicinity. Many entry systems will alert the control panel via cellular or wireless network if an unauthorized entry is detected. Door/window sensors can be placed on any external window or door, they may be activated by sliding a key under the lock or by pressing a button on the control panel. The wireless keyless entry alarms system can be integrated with a monitoring service to enable continuous surveillance even when you are away from your home.