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The need for different laws that concentrate on addressing these unique problems emerges with changing times and rising reports of job-related disputes. In addition, under the pre-existing law requirements, the work force must be able to completely recognise their rights and use them to protect their own interests. Visit us on JacksonWhite Law.

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In Los Angeles, in particular, employees are given legal redress and immunity from hostile employers who can not legally treat them. Here are some of the following rights and privileges that are somehow advantageous to workers who may have suffered discrimination or harassment in employment:

Right against Discrimination on

It is unconstitutional, as specified under the California Government Code and Title VII of the Federal Code, to discriminate and/or harass employees on the basis of their:

  • The Age
  • Breed, colour or national origin
  • Pregnancy or gender
  • Affiliation with faith
  • Matrimonial status
  • Invalidity

In addition, employers are not authorised, as provided by the Labor Code, to retaliate against their workers who:

  • Upholding their equal wage rights
  • Submitted their concerns about the unhealthy and/or harmful working atmosphere
  • Affirmed their employee benefits rights
  • Testify in court, exposing the company’s criminal activities
  • Involved in other non-work-related legal activities, such as political activism and skills enhancement training
  • Any employee suffering these violations can file their case with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement’s Equal Employment Opportunities Commission within six months prior to the date of the incidence of the discriminatory act.
  • Act on Family and Medical Leave
  • For the following reasons, any employee should have the right to use a three-month leave without the fear of losing his or her job:
  • Take charge of a newly born or adopted baby
  • Providing treatment for a member of the family who has a serious illness or health problem
  • Pursue medication for his or her own illness