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If you visit a chiropractor, neck pain might be the main cause. Neck and back pain are the two common reasons two people look for chiropractic care. If you are suffering from neck pain due to an injury, your regular doctor can suggest that you begin a chiropractor’s physiotherapy regimen to build up the strength in your neck and back. For a chiropractor, neck pain means that something in the spinal area is out of balance.

Spectrum Medical GroupThere are many therapies available from a chiropractor. Neck pain is usually caused by something in the spinal column being out of balance. A chiropractor may use soft tissue manipulation and precisely tailored spinal changes to bring the spine back into position and alleviate many forms of neck pain. Your chiropractor may find that the issue is in your lower or middle back and not centred near the neck at all, even though that is where you are feeling pain. Do you want to learn more? Check out Spectrum Medical Group.

If the root of the issue is diagnosed, the chiropractor may determine which treatment is better suited to relieving the pain. There are several solutions if the problem is with the spinal alignment: basic spinal manipulation, flexion-distraction, or instrument-assisted manipulation. Basic manipulation of the spinal cord uses a thrusting procedure to restore the spine to correct alignment. A special table to help the chiropractor ease the spine back into alignment without sharp thrusting is used for flexion-distraction. Instrument-assisted manipulation is exactly as it sounds-the chiropractor uses small tools which can force the spine into alignment without sharp thrusting.

You will typically undergo more relaxation and strength building exercises during chiropractic physiotherapy sessions, and less direct manipulation of the spinal cord. Chiropractors can do therapeutic massage or joint stretching and treatment for resistance. If you heal from an injury to your back or spine, chiropractic physiotherapy will help you regain a full range of motion. Following a successful chiropractic physical therapy regimen patients appear to experience pain relief for many years.

While the pain you experience is concentrated in your neck, the essence of chiropractic medicine is whole body care. Every system is linked to the body’s other systems and chiropractic treatment is intended to help the entire body stay healthy. Your chiropractor may help you assess the source of your neck pain and can prescribe changes in lifestyle and daily manipulations of the spinal cord to ensure that your neck pain goes away and stays away.