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This should include the address, telephone number, salon hours, offered services, etc. You could also try to include a discount, say on the first visit for 10 percent off, to give customers an incentive to visit your salon in person. Hire a specialist if you are not experienced in creating a website; note, you want your site to be a beneficial representation of your salon.Send directories to your salon. There are several different online directories where users can type in and receive hundreds of results in exchange for what they are searching for (such as “beauty salons”) and their location (usually city and state, or ZIP code).Find additional information at Society Salon.

This is basically the modern-day response to the Yellow Pages, but in many instances these directories provide additional material, such as pictures and customer reviews. It is typically inexpensive or even free to apply your salon, so it pays to register yourself with as many directories as possible to improve the visibility of your salon and make it easier for potential clients to find you. On high traffic salon websites, buy ads. This will take your exposure to the next level, and if you choose the websites where you will be advertising wisely, traffic to your website is likely to spike. An eye-catching online advertising will help grab viewers ‘ attention, which will give your salon a major advantage over the competition.

Take advantage of social networking to the fullest. You may want to create a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your salon, in addition to a simple website. For exciting offers and up-to-the-minute news, ask your loyal customers to join your party, add you as a friend, or follow you on Twitter. Update these pages to let people know quickly and easily any time you are planning a sale, a holiday extravaganza or a special promotion, or you simply receive some new inventory.