Facts About Drinking and Driving in College

Young drivers’ insurance premiums are high, and actuaries at insurance agencies use statistics to determine risk. That’s the only way they can figure out how much auto insurance can pay, and those high premiums are largely due to teen drinking and driving.

Teenagers and alcohol are two words that can never be used together, except in the same sentence. About sixty percent of fatal crashes involving teen drivers are caused by teen drinking and driving, and the vast majority of those teen drivers are male. explained in this post

As bad as it is when young drivers have no experience in risky conditions or in bad weather, driving under the influence of alcohol just increases the risk of death. Teenagers believe they will live forever, which is why they defy the odds and do dumb things like texting and not paying attention while driving. Throw in juvenile drinking and driving, and you have an unexploded grenade on the path.

Also as a father, you can’t always be watching over your teen son or daughter’s shoulder. It all boils down to confidence, so I hope that any parent who notices that their child has a drinking problem will think twice before handing over the keys to their vehicle to the teenager. Underage alcohol use is prohibited in any jurisdiction, so the problem must be resolved before some kind of car is bought for or loaned to the child.

Many people believe that driving while inebriated isn’t a concern after one or two cocktails, but they are mistaken. Teenage boys are frequently more affected by alcohol than adults, and they are up to eighteen times more likely to be involved in an accident. Girls are much worse; they have a 50-fold increased risk of being injured in a crash.

As a result, parents should instil in your young driver the importance of not texting or driving while inebriated. There’s no way around that. As an adult, you don’t want to be responsible for all of the consequences of your child drinking and driving. Your insurance rates will continue to rise for years, and if you don’t have enough auto insurance, you will find yourself paying for medical costs, collateral loss, and vehicle replacement out of pocket. Bail, legal fees, judges, and other expenses will add up to tens of thousands of dollars – the worse the mess created by the teen drinking and driving, the more it will cost you.