Drug Testing and Marijuana Use at Work

Employers around the country continue to conduct drug screening, which include alcohol, for the five most widely abused types of narcotics. If an employee tests positive for drugs, the employer is responsible for dealing with the situation. You may want to check out doctor for more.The employer has the right to terminate the employee immediately or to issue a warning that violating the company’s drug-free policy would not be accepted. The employee could be checked again at a later date in this situation. It’s a second chance for the worker to have a urine sample that’s free of marijuana-related data. Employees who use medical marijuana are normally regarded the same as those who use marijuana illegally in states where it is legal. Employees will be dismissed even though they have a doctor’s recommendation.

If an employee is high and has used marijuana at work, his or her work will undoubtedly suffer. Work and drug use just do not mix. Work necessitates mental and physical exertion, both of which are hindered by drugs of any kind. An employer will usually not authorise a worker who is using Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, or other prescription medications that cause excessive drowsiness to stay on the job. Particularly those who work in a hazardous environment. The worker would be sent home and advised to come back with a doctor’s note. Why does an employer have to tolerate an employee who is high at work due to marijuana because they will never allow an employee who is incapacitated due to legal medication used to manage a disability to stay on the job?

Marijuana must be used in private in states where it is legal, such as Colorado or California. Whether or not they have a marijuana card proving they are a medical marijuana user, an individual smoking marijuana in public can be arrested and face jail time. Does this grant an employee the right to smoke marijuana in the shower or in the parking lot for medicinal reasons?