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A dentist is a specialist practitioner, sometimes called a dentist, who specialises in the detection, care and prevention of dental conditions and oral cavity diseases in general. The dentists operate under a registered dentist’s supervision. Dentists must hold an MBA degree from a college certified by the American Dental Association or a post-graduate degree from an organisation recognised by the Board of Dental Accreditation. The specific credentials needed for a dentist’s registration are an approved college undergraduate degree and the completion of a dentist’s programme at an accredited university. An undergraduate degree from an approved college is the minimum educational requirement needed for a dentist practising in every state. Dentist certification is required through the State Dental Review Commission. Visit us on Family Dental Station – Glendale.

Licensing tests are mandatory from the respective State Board of Dental Examiners for practising dentists. The licence standards are that he should be a member of a medical college with a department of dentistry, that he should have completed the written and oral exams related to dental treatment, and that he should have passed the National Board of Examiners’ test for dentistry. A dentist must be licenced with the State Board of Dental Examiners in order to practise dentistry. A dentist must take a one-year full time course in a curriculum accepted by the Board to be qualified for admission.

Dental Hygiene and General Health Dentistry Dental hygienists operate with health care institutions such as hospitals, schools, family and school clinics and other community health care agencies as a specific form of dental specialist. They offer preventive dental care such as teeth inspection and dental administration, oral hygiene preparation and maintenance, medication planning, implementation of procedure, advanced dental practise education, referral to trained professionals and promotion of health. Public health dentists are concerned about the surrounding community’s oral health and support the avoidance of tooth loss and gum disease. They concentrate on education around safe food, weight loss, diabetes control in the environment, cancer, oral promotion, and keeping a nice smile.