Dentist – An Expert In Oral Health


A dentist, also called a dental hygienist, is a professional who practices in dentistry, particularly the diagnosis, preventative, and treatment of dental conditions and diseases of the mouth. The dentist provides many services to patients through his dental office such as teeth cleanings, crowns, dental implants, cosmetic dental procedures, etc. The dentist’s dental hygienist team assists in giving dental health services to patients. In some dental offices, a dentist’s assistant may be employed who helps the dentist in oral health diagnosis and treatments on patients. The dental hygienist uses various instruments like dental handpieces, instruments for taking dental x-rays, scissors, electric current devices, toothbrushes, liquid fluoride, oral irrigators, mouth wash, etc to correct tooth decay, abscesses, gum disease, and other abnormal conditions of the mouth.I strongly suggest you to visit “dentist Norlane North Geelong”  to learn more about this.

Pediatric dentistry is also known as children’s dentistry. The main aim of this field is to ensure that the health of the children is given due importance. Most of the children affected by tooth decay do not receive the required treatment in time which can result in severe health problems in them in later life. This can lead to such problems as tooth abscess, formation of kidney stones, weak teeth, cavities and even malnutrition. Hence it is important that the dentist visits the patient at regular intervals to conduct checkups every six months.


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