Dental Health – What Is Periodontics?

One of the many subspecialties of dentistry is called periodontics. Periodontics or periodontology is the specialized field of dentistry, which studies diseases and other aspects of the oral tissues, particularly the periodontium. Burke periodontics offers excellent info on this. The periodontium is named after the root of the plant that produces it – the periodontium – which is part of the dental pharynx. The periodontium is part of the gums and jaw that help to protect the teeth by connecting them to the bone and providing attachments for them to grasp and hold.


The primary function of periodontics is to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases that can affect the tissues of the oral cavity. In addition, periodontics performs a variety of general dentistry functions such as removing teeth and repairing cavities; caring for the teeth and surrounding tissues; and detecting and treating diseases of the bone and gum surrounding teeth. This is not the same as orthodontics, a branch of dentistry concerned with disorders of the bones and gums that affect the teeth. Orthodontics attempts to straighten and symmetrical the teeth and also prevents tooth loss.

The goal of this specialized field is to prevent tooth loss, increase the survival of teeth and help to improve oral health. This is why periodontics does not focus on curing the disease but rather on preventing the progression of the disease. Some of the common diseases include periodontitis, gingivitis, and periodontitis plus pyogenic granuloma. Each of these has an increased risk for complications if left untreated or improperly treated. This is why periodontists are required to undergo additional training and complete a dental surgical internship prior to practicing.

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