Crockpot Recipes Make Wonderful Meals

For an effective crockpot cooking you need to know the best crockpot recipes. In order to know the art of crockpot cooking with contemporary ingredients, or classic beef ingredients with vegetables, you need to find professional recipe pages. Here we list some of the crockpot recipes that you would definitely be admiring. Have a look at Chowhound.

  1. Vegetable or potato-beef-

Ingredients: two pounds of lean beef cut into pieces, three cubed cabbage, three finely sliced carrots, one cup of peas, two cups of diced tomatoes, two chopped onions, two bay leaves, cup of water, fresh ground black pepper, teaspoon and one teaspoonful salt.

Directions: Take all the ingredients in the crockpot and hold for approximately nine hours on minimal heat and simmer. The meal is able to be taken with six heads of steamed rice.

  1. Herbal Beef-

Ingredients: two pounds of lean beef sliced in cubes, eight ounces diced bacon, six ounce cubed mushrooms, two bits each of diced onions and celery stalks, two cups of beef reserve, two table spoons each of brown sugar and wine vinegar, one teaspoon each of oregano and thyme, one by three cup of ordinary flour, pinch of smashed clove and ground nutmeg and salt and peeper to fit the taste.

Directions: Heat the bacon and beef in a fry saucepan and mix to make it brown for three minutes. Attach the onions, then begin stirring again for three minutes. Take the whole mixture in a crockpot and add water, vinegar and stock, then begin to stir. Place all other ingredients and hold on low heat for nine hours. The cooking is ready for six citizens to have boiled potatoes with steamed rice, and ideally mixed.

  1. Mexican type chilli chicken crockpot

Ingredients-Two pounds of boneless chicken breast sliced into slices, 3-4 bits of cloves and finely minced garlic, two big onions diced, four cups of diced tomatoes, two cups of cooking oil, one red capsicum diced, one cup of corn kernels, two cups of chilli beans, one cup of picante sauce, one teaspoonful cinnamon, teaspoonful of freshly ground black pepper, cumin and red chilli to fit the flavour.

Directions: Take a large fry pan and bring all the chicken cubes into the vegetable oil and sauté with capsicum, onion , garlic for about five minutes. Take the contents out of a crockpot and incorporate all the other ingredients and place the pan for five hours on low heat. The crockpot method has operated to be eaten full on steamed rice.