An Easy Definition about Packaging Agency London

It’s the same old tissue, baby, it doesn’t make a difference, all right? It will always work the same way” my exasperated husband hissed into my ear as I picked cartons from some ‘designer’ tissue after cartons. You may want to check out Branding Agency London for more.

You can even hear me say that, huh? I can’t believe I wrote ‘designer fabric’ in reality. So yeah, I sure fell for it for a graphic designer and writer who knows something about the kind of work one puts into packaging and branding items. All the hoopla. Those tricks. The ‘suck in them with a nice combination of copy and fab colour. I’m a customer anyway, note that. I have the freedom to fall for nice packages, I have a fundamental human right.

They have packaging for the ‘nature lover,’ packaging for the ‘fruity,’ packaging for the ‘woman on the go,’ and then they have packaging for the ‘kids.’ With my screaming children and exasperated husband running after me in slow motion, I took 4 of each design packages and did a run for the counter with them. Surely it was a ‘die-hard’ moment.

Ok, in this case I used boxes of tissue paper with fancy packaging designs on them to run for checkout. If I weren’t so fond of the packaging designs, I ‘d find it comical enough. But definitely I am gone. In fact, I loved the packaging designs so much, I would cut out the designs and put it in my transparent folder ‘must hold for reference’ after using all the tissues in the boxes. Since I’m pretty particular about the designs I like, I don’t keep a lot of stuff there, but those packaging designs made the cut. Sure, they did.

You see, this is the kind of thing that happens when you’re making some effort to design your packaging. Yeah, in the back of our minds we all have that …. “Oh, this is PACKAGING! It’s what matters at Home. They would THROW away the PACKAGING. So why are they wasting so much money on the packaging?