Ace Excavating Austin Guidelines

When doing construction work, excavation of the area is most likely to happen. This is a basic and very important construction technique used today. A new construction cannot do away with excavating the ground. It is also employed when removing soil from the area for purposes of renewing soil content. Ace Excavating Austin – Land Clearing, Grading & Site Prep offers excellent info on this.

These are the excavation methods that are used today:

Horizontal Excavation

This type is used when the task involve shallow sites with light or no residential or commercial buildings around. The movement of the excavator is done on a horizontal manner with no danger of structural damage.

Vertical Excavation

This is the most common method employed by contractors especially when the area is a large, urban one with many residential or commercial buildings around. Each individual layer of the excavation site is exposed one area at a time. This results in a sort of vertical shaft, with soil or rock layer clearly seen.

Hybrid Excavation

There are some cases that both horizontal and vertical excavation methods are used. However, these cases are only resorted to when the need is great with the site going deeper into the earth.


This method is primarily used when there is a possibility the excavated site sides to collapse. This is commonly used for waterlogged sites.

Step Trenching

Step trenching is used when deep digging is required. The “steps” gets narrow as the earth is dug deeper and deeper.

Each excavation is not done randomly and without planning. The soil and other factors need to be studied before getting on to digging the earth. This is precisely the reason why a licensed operator and a professional excavation company should be hired to do the work. The DIY solution is not a recommended one unless you are well versed in excavation techniques.

If you intend to DIY your excavation, have an excavator hire with an operator since they are always in the know of the techniques and can give you the best suggestions on how to go about your project. Do your research first before anything else. Check the type of soil or environment that you will be excavating to avoid errors while doing excavation.