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A company of massage therapists is built upon the return of clients. Excellent service must be provided to make customers come back and refer others to them as well. These people are more willing to pay a greater fee for a service they trust as they build a loyal base of customers. Education Generally, because customers are willing to pay more for a qualified massage therapist, licenced or certified massage therapists make more money.

Some third-party insurance policies may cover massage therapy, but only for services provided by state-registered massage therapists. These therapists are therefore able to charge a higher premium. Location – Location is also very important in determining the salary of a massage therapist because salaries vary from state to state. Since the supply of massage therapists in the area is low, the highest paid state is Alaska. Employer – The location in which a therapist chooses to work can also influence the salary. Therapists working in hospitals are not recommended for the service, while those working in a resort or high-end spa will receive more generous tips. Have a look at Nourishing Massage, Cuyahoga Falls for more info on this.

Outpatient health care services, nursing care facilities, technical and commercial schools, doctors’ offices, and specialty hospitals are the top paying employers in this occupation. Let’s face it, in our community there are a lot of massage therapists. This field is saturated with many massage professionals with two prominent massage schools and several other corporate run schools. But how do you choose the correct property, by company name, credentials, or price? Although cost may inevitably be the factor, it is not the sole reason for picking a single therapist from the bunch that is important. Is number one the bodyworker you’ve selected for going to school? This should be an important determining factor in therapist selection, as trivial as this might seem. It is even more important how many hours of education he or she has and how long ago the last training of your practitioners was.


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