About Structured Water

Structured water is a rather misleading term, which is widely misused by companies selling supposedly “formal” or “business-like” drinking water. The truth is that there is no magic way to create your own structured water and that these systems do not work at all in terms of cleansing the body. However, they are useful as marketing devices and may be useful for some people who have such systems, and are keen to try them out. check it out

The main issue with these systems is that, while they sound good and even appear to have some scientific validity, the truth is far different. Hexagonal water, sometimes called structured ez water or hexagonal pure water, is simply a marketing term used in an advertising scheme that promises the capacity to produce a specific pattern of pure water. The term does not actually mean anything, and the term “nonsense” has even been used in court to describe this sort of system. The reality is that the quality of the water produced by these systems is far less than that from a tap water purifier. They will not remove chlorine or lead, they will not provide minerals like calcium or magnesium, and they will not improve the taste or texture of tap water.

To understand how meaningless these terms are, it is best to look first at the hexagonal structure of the molecule H20. The base of the molecule is in a conical shape, whereas its sides, which are conical when viewed on a flat surface, have a hexagonal arrangement. Now, if you were to heat up the entire hexagonal structure, you would see that the edges would contract, which means that the molecules would align themselves into a regular hexagonal shape. Now, this regularity is important because this means that the overall H20 molecule is balanced and can be considered to be “normal”. If, instead, you heated up a normal water molecule, namely one made up of carbon and hydrogen, you would notice that the structure would differ greatly, with the Hydrogen being much tighter and more rigid than the carbon, which would cause the water to be slippery and mist-like in texture. These discrepancies between normal and structured H20 make the term “nonsense” very difficult to use when discussing the differences between the two.